Welcome to the website of the 2023 EUVAS Vasculitis training course taking place 28-30 September 2023 in St. Gallen in Switzerland.

The EUVAS vasculitis training courses aim to provide medical education on vasculitis. The audience targeted are physicians, researchers and others interested in vasculitis, beginners and those experienced alike. The courses also offer an opportunity for meeting and exchanging outside of the teaching sessions during breaks and social events.

The 2023 event is the 5th edition of the EUVAS Vasculitis training course. The previous courses happened in Cambridge in the UK (2017 and 2019) and Florence in Italy (2018 and 2022). The 2023 course will again gather a large panel of internationally renowned speakers from 16 countries and many medical specialties, including rheumatology, nephrology, pulmonology, internal medicine, ophthalmology, dermatology, neurology, immunology, otolaryngology, pediatrics and radiology.

The course will cover all major vasculitis entities and feature state-of-the-art lectures, talks on current hot topics and clinical case discussions. To maximize the opportunities for delegates to interact with faculty, the number of attendees will be limited to 220.

The city of St. Gallen is the center of eastern Switzerland, easy to reach by train from Zurich airport. The conference venue is in the heart of St. Gallen and only a stone’s throw away from the old city and the abbey district, a UNESCO World Heritage site. More information on how to travel to St. Gallen and accommodation in the selected nearby hotels is provided on this website.

We are looking forward to seeing you in person at the 2023 EUVAS vasculitis training course next September!

Alfred Mahr (Co-Chair)
Thomas Neumann (Co-Chair)
David Jayne (President of EUVAS)

On behalf of the EUVAS presidential council